Ravi has over 21 years of corporate experience, specializes in communication, negotiation technique and sales management. He regularly conducts personal success workshops and seminars on leadership, team building, professional selling skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills and customer service.  His practical experiences are in the area of sales strategy implementation and human resources development. He holds a Bachelor of Economics (honours) degree Master of Management (distinction) degree and International Master in Small-medium Industry (distinction) degree from University of Malaya. He is a PSMB TTT exempted trainer (Certificate No. EMP/0758)


Sherry Ann is a certified Professional Trainer from Singapore Institute of Management and has 21 years of training and coaching experience, in the area of executive development. Having mastered local and American Management philosophy and business principles from working with various clients in the banking and manufacturing sectors, she is an excellent trainer and coach on critical skills and result orientated teams. She holds her Bachelor of. Applied Science (Hons) from University Sains Malaysia (USM) and a  Master in Instructional Technology from University of Malaya. Currently she is affiliated with Westlake International School.


CE Ong has more than 30 years of corporate experience and holds a Master Of Management from University Malaya; a Bachelors in Business Administration from Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology University (RMIT), Australia and a Diploma in Management (Merit) from Malaysian Institute Of Management (MIM). He is also an Accredited Administrator of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) ® by Australian Psychologist Press & Asianic Psychologists Press (APP) since 2007. In 2010, he was awarded Certified Training Professional (CTP) by ITD / ARTDO. He is a PSMB certified trainer (Certificate No. TTT/4705) and has been appointed as Trainer for PSMB 5-day Train-The-Trainer Program since 2011.


Dion Ooi is an international certified training professional based in Penang, Malaysia. He has more than 16 years in Business, Information Systems, Sales and Marketing with practical experience in providing excellent customer experience, building and managing effective teams, learning and development, adult experiential learning and coaching. He had been awarded Effective Leadership Award (for managing a team of specialists, projects and initiatives) and Dell Vice President Award (for managing training projects and conferences successfully) and Trainer of the Month (with an American Franchised training company) during his employment with esteemed organizations including Dell Computers. He is a PSMB certified trainer (Certificate No. TTT/2966)


Stella brings a diversity of corporate and teaching experience. For over 16 years, she had been involved in the human resources, financial, religious, legal and education sectors. Her practical experiences are in the area of training and human resources development. Having mastered local management philosophy and business principles from various on the job training, functional responsibilities and training combined with her direct experience in teaching, she is an excellent trainer on critical language skills and result orientated teams. She has worked as a kindergarten teacher for 5 years and has her teaching certificate from PTM (Persatuan Tadika Malaysia).  Her practical experiences are in the area of teaching, which includes Creative English Workshops. Stella has also contributed to social programs for church missionary works and church youth camps. She has a diploma in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).


Chand has 18 years of corporate experience, a major part being in Sales Management with DKSH (M) Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Siber Hegner (M) Sdn Bhd) a Swiss multinational specializing in global trading of technology products, healthcare, consumer goods and raw materials.  Her practical experience is in the area of sales management of scientific, life science and clinical equipment which included providing strategic direction to take the company forward by understanding the market, formulating necessary sales strategies, recruiting and training work force to meet the job in hand and being responsible for the profit and loss of the sales department.  She holds a Bachelor of Technology (Honours) from University Science  Malaysia (USM) and International Masters in Small-Medium Enterprise at Asia-Europe Institute of University Malaya.


Warren Wong has 28 years of banking experience; 16 years in Learning and Development in the Public Bank Group. His vast experience in branch operations, internal audit and learning and development has put him in good stead to produce highly competent, committed and dedicated sales/service force that churned outstanding profits for the organization. Warren holds a Diploma In Management from the Malaysian Institute of Management (1995), a Master of Business Administration (Marketing) from the University of Western Sydney, Australia (2003), Certified Financial Planner with FPAM (2007), Graduate in the Islamic Financial Planners with IBFIM (2008), Authorized unit trust consultant by FMUTM (2008; now FIMM) and a member of the Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (1992).


Mala has served for more than 15 years in senior managerial positions prior to pursuing her postgraduate studies. As a Senior Marketing Manager at Westport Malaysia, she had managed the customer service and marketing department. She has many years of experience in Conventional operations as well. She also trained candidates for IELTS English to those who were furthering their studies overseas. She was appointed as examiner to mark the Unified Examination papers, United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia ( UCSCAM) for the year 2006 and 2007. She holds a bachelor degree in Arts and International Masters in Small-Medium Enterprise from University of Malaya.


Willie has 21 years of banking experience; 6 years in the retail and commercial banking in well-known Commercial Bank in Malaysia, 7 years in the offshore banking environment with one of the largest Financial Group in Malaysia and for the past 8 years with the fastest growing Regional Islamic Banking Group in Asean. Willie holds a Degree In Management from the Business School of University Science of Malaysia (1992) and a Master of Business Administration (Strategic Marketing) from the Graduate Business School, USM, Penang (1998). He is currently a holder of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) since 2004.


Prof Sam is the founder of the Centre for Cross-cultural Competence which is part of the School of Communication at Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Winterthur, Switzerland. He is also the founder of his own training and consulting company, van den Bergh Thiagi Associates GmbH, which specializes in cross-cultural communication, management, teambuilding and diversity management. He studied English and German linguistics at the Universities of Zurich and Berkeley (California), graduating with lic. phil. and MA degrees. Since the early nineties he has intensified his own ongoing education to include cross-cultural communication and competence.