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Client Testimonials

It was a very fun learning program which had a profound impact on my professional growth and understanding. Your dedication, humour and ability to simplify complex concepts and present them in a practical manner made the learning experience highly engaging and effective. I particularly appreciated your real-life examples and case studies, which allowed me to grasp the nuances of key account management more comprehensively. The interactive discussions and exercises facilitated a deeper understanding of the subject matter. The strategies and techniques discussed will undoubtedly prove invaluable in my career.

Hana Shaari

I now consider Ravinther as my business partner, and not any HR Vendor. Not only has he assisted and provide structural training modules to my sales team,but he placed much emphasis on understanding each of the individuals and journey with me to develop them to the next level the organization wants. He is sharp and analytical and the ability to bring his points across in a friendly and inspiring way is very rare in a person and made working with Ravi very easy Add to his deep expertise in sales experience on both the “Consumer and Enterprise” space, you have someone who is strong enough to handle the toughest situation in a composed manner.

NG, Yan Wai

Working with Ravinther is like investing in personal MBA professor. He brings forward critical thinking, challenge assumptions in order to push for stronger results and never accept status quos has greatly helped me to and always be ready for meaningful change.

He supported me to help me formulate strategic thinking in a corporate setting and how to think like an intrapreneur.expand my horizon, develop new skills and open my mind beyond traditional safe zones. He also teaches techniques to articulate and evangelize breakthrough strategies to other stakeholders,which is very useful.

K.Pichal, Siva