• Work as an Individual & as a Team
  • Compare Company versus Individual Vision
  • Enhance Staff Responsibilities
  • 13 Work Habits in Radically Changing World
  • Old Habits versus New Habits
  • People have Different Strength
  • Appreciating Others Ability
  • Creation of Synergy
  • Creativity and Efficiency
  • Positive Instructions
  • Importance of Encouragement

This course will provide the necessary tools for employees to work as a team and maintain a high level of motivation, ultimately resulting in customers’ repeated business. At the end of the course, participants will be able to be aware and practice good personal and team habits in order to survive in current working environment.

This course was made and is catered towards the needs of all levels of Staff.

Courses are taught through interactive lectures, discussions between peers and industry experts, exhilarating outdoor activities, engaging role play and enlightening games.


This training solution is conducted over a period of 2 days.